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Gaggia XD

Gaggia XD Evolution

The Gaggia XD Evolution is a smart-looking coffee machine which will impress you and your customers, as well as giving you a real authentic Italian coffee house feel.

Designed for a constant work load, the XD is available in complete stainless steel or a black and silver stainless steel finish, and is made with all the care and attention that Gaggia is world-famous for.

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  • Coffee machine
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Gaggia XD Evolution
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What Francesca says...


With the Gaggia XD Evolution, I like the elegance of the contrast between the metal used in the Gaggia logo and the brushed stainless steel of the XD coffee machine: subtle Italian style and design!

For me, the Gaggia XD, while simple and understated in exterior design, is the essence of performance and reliability. I find the XD brews the coffee flavours so gently that the espresso shot gives a full and rounded flavour when it hits the tongue. The XD is perfect for restaurants, bars and coffee shops that want to make lots of coffee quickly with utmost reliability, but still want a coffee machine that looks great.

Francesca's recommended accessories:

Generally the following accessories are included in a quote for a Gaggia XD Evolution:

Technical Information

Available group sizes:
1, 2 compact, 2, 3
Size (H x W x D) (1 group):
47 cm x 31 cm x 51 cm
Size (H x W x D) (2 group c.):
47 cm x 53 cm x 51 cm
Size (H x W x D) (2 group):
47.2 cm x 62.5 cm x 51 cm
Size (H x W x D) (3 group):
47.2 cm x 84.5 cm x 51 cm
34 kg (1 group)
44 kg (2 group compact)
52 kg (2 group)
67kg (3 group)
Stainless steel
Boiler Size:
4.9 l (1 group, 2 group compact)
13 l (2 group)
21 l (3 group)
Independent heat exchangers:
1 per group
Hot water capacity per hour:
36 l (1 group, 2 group compact)
45 l (2 group)
53 l (3 group)
Stainless steel steaming arms:
1 (1 group)
2 (2 group compact, 2 group, 3 group)
Temperature control stability:
Group heads fitted with element to boost temperature as needed
Outer body construction:
Stainless steel
Volumetric pump:
Mains water connection:
Installed power:
3200 w (1 group, 2 group compact)
4500 w (2 group)
6000 w (3 group)
Stainless steel hot water outlet:
Cup warming boost unit:
Automatic boiler filling:
Automatic water level control:
Hot water economizer:
Anti-suction valve:


  • Turbo steamer Turbo steamer | Fitted with turbo steam nozzles
  • Pre-infusion Pre-infusion | Allows for an even and full extraction of flavour from the coffee; adjustable through the LCD control panel
  • Active cup warmer Active cup warmer | Boosts the temperature of the cups with a cup warming electrical element
  • Rapid steam system Rapid steam system | The powerful steam pressure of the rapid steam system allows up to a litre of milk to be steamed in 40 seconds
  • Hot water opti dose Hot water opti dose | The coffee machine memorises the volume of hot water dispensed for cups or pots of tea
  • Opti dose Dosing system | The electronic dosing system makes it possible to memorise your preferred espresso coffee settings
  • Group and filter holder Group and filter holder | Comes with Gaggia's professional group and filter holders for exceptional ease of use and convenience.
  • Special filter Special filter | Gaggia coffee machines all have a filter that allows you to use either ground coffee or coffee pods, for unparalleled quality in coffee brewing
  • Power management Power management | Ability to reduce power consumption during off-peak business periods