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Gaggia New Baby Class D

The Gaggia New Baby Class D is a single-boiler coffee machine that memorises the volume of water for the coffee shot, ensuring a perfect result every time. The New Baby Class D is finished in brushed stainless steel, a Touch-Ring electronic control panel and pre-infusion functionality with a powerful 15 bar pressure.

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Gaggia New Baby Class D


What Francesca says...


The New Baby Class D is a cool little stylish coffee machine, similar the New Baby Class, but with dosage control. This is only a small difference to the New Baby Class, but for those who want an extra bit of functionality, this is a handy extra.

Dosage control is where you can program the coffee machine to brew a specific amount of coffee. It's simple to program: just hold down the program button until it flashes, and press for a coffee to start. Press again to stop, then press the program button, and that’s the machine programmed. Simple as that!

Francesca's recommended accessories:

To get the most out of the Gaggia New Baby Class, I recommend:

  • MDF Burr Coffee Grinder – the burr blades grind the coffee beans into consistently sized particles allowing you to get the most of the flavour from the coffee beans.
  • Knock our drawer and base unit – keep the coffee making area looking smart and clean.
  • Cappucino milk foaming jug – helps to get a great ‘swirl’ going and pouring cappuccino foam
  • Aluminium 58mm tamper –A plastic one comes with the machine, but there is no substitute for the real thing.
  • Espresso cleaning powder – keep your brewing group and shower disk clean of coffee oil build up
  • Blind filter – if you are using espresso cleaning power, you will need the blind filter to correctly backwash the brewing head.
  • Traditional cleaning brush – this is a strong stubby brush that allows you to properly cleaning the group seal.
  • Descaling powder – if you live in a hard water area – this is a must for beating calcium build-up!

Technical Information

Power supply:
230-240V 50Hz 1300W
120V 60Hz 1425W
Size (W x H x D):
24.5 cm x 40 cm x 26.5 cm
7.5 kg
Water tank:
Water tank capacity:
1.6 l
Water pump pressure:
15 bar
Group and filter holder:
Chromed brass
Cappuccino accessory:
Electronic control panel:
Solenoid valve
Stainless steel
Inox cleaner:
Sistema crema perfetta:
Simultaneous operation:
Dosing system:
Active cup warmer:
Rapid steam system:
Pre-infusion function:


  • Swivel steamer Swivel steamer | The steamer swivels 180° and froths milk in just a few seconds, for perfect cappuccinos, and delivers hot water for tea.
  • Pre-infusion Pre-infusion | Allows for an even and full extraction of flavour from the coffee; adjustable through the LCD control panel
  • Cappuccinatore Cappuccinatore | Adaptable for an automatic milk foamer cappuccinatore
  • Active cup warmer Active cup warmer | Boosts the temperature of the cups via the heat from the coffee boiler
  • Dosing system Dosing system | The new electronic dosing system makes it possible to memorise your preferred espresso settings by regulating the dose of coffee in the cup
  • Touch ring Touch-Ring | The electronic touch ring control panel allows you to select the function with a single touch
  • Special filterSpecial filter | Gaggia's coffee machines all have a filter that allows you to use either round coffee or coffee pods, for unparalleled quality in coffee brewing.
  • Group and filter holder Group and filter holder | Professional group and filter holder for exceptional ease of use.


  • €360