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Gaggia GD One

Gaggia GD One

The Gaggia GD One is a stylish, low-maintenance and cost-effective solution for locations where quality coffee is a must, but where flexibility and versatility are required.

The GD One plugs into a standard 13-amp socket, and does not require a mains water connection. It has a 2.5 litre internal water reservoir and a 2.3 litre internal boiler with a separate heat exchange cylinder for simultaneous milk foaming and espresso making.

  • Coffee machine
  • Coffee machine
  • Coffee machine

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Gaggia GD One
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Technical Information

Available group sizes:
Size (H x W x D):
53 cm x 42 cm x 55 cm
25 kg
Red, silver
Boiler Size:
2.3 l
Independent heat exchangers:
Hot water capacity per hour:
2.25 l
Stainless steel steaming arms:
Manual fill reservoir
2.5 l
Temperature control stability:
Group head fitted with element to boost temperature as needed
Outer body construction:
Painted polyurethane
Vibration pump:
Mains water connection:
Not required
Installed power:
1500 w
Stainless steel hot water outlet:
Cup warming boost unit:
Hot water economizer:
Anti-suction valve:


  • Turbo steamer Turbo steamer | Fitted with turbo steam nozzles
  • Coffee doser Coffee doser | Delivers the correct amount of coffee every time
  • Pre-infusion Pre-infusion | Allows for an even and full extraction of flavour from the coffee; adjustable through the LCD control panel
  • Active cup warmer Active cup warmer | Boosts the temperature of the cups with a cup warming electrical element
  • Rapid steam system Rapid steam system | The powerful steam pressure of the rapid steam system allows up to a litre of milk to be steamed in 40 seconds
  • Opti dose Dosing system | The electronic dosing system makes it possible to memorise your preferred espresso coffee settings
  • Group and filter holder Group and filter holder | Comes with Gaggia's professional group and filter holders for exceptional ease of use and convenience.
  • Special filter Special filter | Gaggia coffee machines all have a filter that allows you to use either ground coffee or coffee pods, for unparalleled quality in coffee brewing